Mentoring Through Social Media – Part I

Social media is one of those things that I either love or hate – sometimes both.  There’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest.  Social media is a great way to keep in touch, make new virtual connections, and explore ideas.  However, there are days when it takes up way too much of my time.  This past week, I was touched when someone that worked with me several years ago reached out to me via one of those social media.  His message said that he just wanted to thank me for having made a difference for him.  He had some other very nice things to say.  His kind comments were humbling and gave me pause.  Am I making the best use of all the tools available to me to advance mentoring now?  I know I could be a more active participant in an online mentoring group that I belong to.  (Have I been too busy exploring Pinterest?)  I could post more of my mentoring materials to this blog.  I know for certain that I will do what Don did for me, and that is to thank some of the people who made a difference as mentors for me!  Other ideas?!!


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